Full Service Grooming


Our services include:

* Dog House PoodleBath

* Ears cleaned/Hair plucked if needed


* Nails clipped and ground


* Gland Expression

*Hair cut as requested

* Teeth Brushed

* Ears cleaned/ Hair plucked if needed

*Bows or bandana
Dog House Hair CutHere at The Dog House you can trust we will provide hands on care for your dog. Prices are determined by breed and condition of the coat. Many groomers charge extra for some of the services above that we include in your dog’s grooming. Our Master Groomer ensures our staff is grooming your dog to your expectations. We are very passionate about our work and take pride in all that we do. Only the highest quality spa shampoos and conditioners are used and our entire staff is trained in all breeds and their many personalities.


Dog House GroomingIf your dog is shedding, or if you just want to get your pet cleaned up without a haircut, we offer a bath and brush service. For dogs shedding, we use the FURminator shampoo and conditioner, along with their de-shedding brush. This treatment removes and pulls the dead hair and undercoat out, reducing shedding by up to 90 percent.


Our Groomers

andrea groomMalissa Young – Groomer

Malissa has joined us as a Groomer, so we now have the ability to groom your dogs 7 days a week NO MORE WAITING FOR AN APPOINTMENT! She has excelled as a groomer. Luckily for The Dog House, she has shown grooming experience and is well-schooled on all breeds. We welcome Malissa to The Dog House family!

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