dog-house-pet-resort-grooming-day-care-baraboo-wisconsin-dells-daisyAt The Dog House your dog will get the same love and affection it gets at home. Your dog will be cared for in a safe and comfortable environment tailored to your wants and your dog’s needs. Whether on vacation for a few weeks or on a business trip for a few days your pet will enjoy their time at The Dog House while being cared for by our exceptional staff as we care for every dog as if it was our own.


Our dog suites are larger than most as we are concerned with your dog’s comfort. Our larger suites are 10 X 5 and our Standard Suites are 6 X 4. The Standard Suites have a private outside exit run available also. With a simple pull, a Guillotine door lets the pooch outside to do their thing and get some fresh air. All our suites are sanitary, climate controlled, and the floors have radiant heating in the floor to keep those paws warm.


During your pets stay our excellent grooming services are available as well as our Doggie Day Care program.


Weather permitting we utilize our own large outdoor dog park that is divided into a large dog area as well as a small dog area. Our indoor play area has 8,500 square feet and is coated with a special rubberized material which is safe and comfortable on those fast and furious feet. All dog play and interaction is supervised by our trained pet specialists.


While packing for your trips don’t forget to pack for your dog. Pack things that remind your pet of home like bedding, toys, and anything that reminds them of home.


Food should be measured out in zip lock bags with very thorough directions on how and when you would like our staff to dispense it. Don’t forget the treats. If your dog is on any medications be sure your directions are very precise. Your vet’s up to date vaccinations records are required and Bordatella is also mandatory while boarding.


We would prefer all drop offs and pickups be done before 5:00 P.M., but unlike other resorts we recognize things can develop that may cause you to be late and we do not charge extra or make you pick your dog up the following day. Please call to notify us of these developments so we can adjust accordingly at 608-356-DOGS (3647) or 608-524-8309 after hours.

As we want to serve your needs, and because we care, let it be known that we have a staff member living on the property.

$28 per day for one dog
$23 per day for 10+ days for one dog
$46 per day for two dogs to share a kennel
$42 per day for 10+ days for two dogs to share a kennel

The last day charge is determined by the pickup time:
7AM – 11AM, no charge
11AM – 3PM, half day charge
3PM – 6PM, full day charge